Mommy & Daddy can only get you so far

Today’s graduates are some of the smartest and most accomplished in generations. However, growing up in a culture that relied on electronic communications, Mom and Dad, and the “everyone is a winner” attitude compromised their communications skills and left some unprepared for the real world of business and how to make their own way (or at least be able to talk about how to do it!).

One Trophy is designed for
College Seniors & Recent Graduates who want to learn how to present their best selves in job interviews and business settings. Students and graduates already in the business world have taken the course and applied it to work situations with great success.

Each session focuses on every aspect of job interview communications that should be used to make a positive impression, including:

  • Writing business e-mails
  • Writing cover letters and resumes that get noticed—in a good way
  • Dressing for success
  • Understanding the importance of business manners, punctuality and thank you notes
  • Learning how to talk about work experience when you don’t think you have any
  • Practicing job interviews on-camera with individualized critique and feedback