When Mary met Marta

Mary Milla and Marta Rhyner met in Minneapolis 20 years ago when Marta was a spokesperson for Northwest Airlines and Mary was a media trainer at a Minneapolis PR firm. Both jobs focused on the importance of knowing what to say and how to say it.

Marta followed Mary into PR consulting, and after global agency gigs, they both left to form their own communications training companies: Marta in Chicago and Mary in Minneapolis. Today, Marta and Mary help leaders at Fortune 500 companies communicate business ideas to audiences in all mediums – media interviews, speeches, employee meetings and on the Web. Executives nationwide rely on Marta and Mary to help develop key messages and deliver them effectively.

Over dinner in 2009, Marta and Mary were discussing their clients’ frustration with “kids today” and their lack of communication skills – complaining that today’s college graduates “don’t have a clue.” They decided to survey 100 clients on what skills were most lacking, and a whopping 98% said college graduates need help preparing for job interviews. More specifically, 63% said young job candidates need help offering succinct examples on why they’re right for the job, and 35% said they are rarely able to articulate messages relevant to the job.

Armed with these responses and more on the communications skills lacking in Generation Text, Marta and Mary developed “One Trophy”. One Trophy combines best practice interview tips with proven business communications skills used by Marta and Mary to coach their corporate clients.

The result is a senior-level professional development course that One Trophy students wouldn’t normally receive until upper management – not to mention a much better chance to land a job!

“I never realized how I was being perceived,” said one student. Six months after completing One Trophy, another student reported, “I work with people much older than me, and using what you taught me, I’ve really been able to gain their respect.”

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