Pro Communicators & Trainers

Once upon a time, Mary Milla and Marta Rhyner used to be your age. In like, the 80s. But they still remember it well. They met early in their careers when Marta was a spokesperson for Northwest Airlines and Mary was a media trainer at a Minneapolis PR firm. Both jobs focused on the importance of knowing what to say and how to say it.

Marta followed Mary into PR consulting, and after global agency gigs, they both left to form their own communications training companies: Marta in Chicago and Mary in Minneapolis. Today, Mary and Marta help leaders at Fortune 500 companies communicate business ideas to audiences in all mediums – media interviews, speeches, employee meetings and on the Web. Executives nationwide rely on Mary and Marta to help develop key messages and deliver them effectively. Now, One Trophy is your chance to learn from the same coaches executives trust with their most important communications.

One Trophy Training is Born

Over dinner in 2009, Mary and Marta were discussing their clients’ frustration with Millennials and their struggle to communicate in job interviews and similar face-to-face communications. After surveying 100 business professionals, in 2010 Mary and Marta launched a half-day class that featured messaging sessions and on-camera mock job interviews that incorporated many of the same direct, no-nonsense lessons they share with clients. The college grads loved it, saying One Trophy offered job-winning feedback and lessons they never learned from textbooks or career counselors.

One Trophy Training Moves Online

Now it’s Gen Z’s turn! Mary and Marta have taken One Trophy online to help more grads present their best selves in job interviews and beyond. In 2018, they partnered with students at the University of St. Thomas to videotape, produce and put to work the e-version of One Trophy. The students especially liked One Trophy’s tell-it-like-it-is approach to preparing grads for winning job interviews. “On campus, everyone sugar coats what the ‘Real World’ is like. We’re not just talking to ourselves anymore, and we need to be ready.”